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 Its been almost fifty years since Alcury and Norma Nunn's living room served as the "music studio" where the boys learned to play their first instruments. Norma fed them and Alcury transported them to music and fiddlers conventions all over the southeast US---they returned to Francisco with awards and recognition plus a lifelong love for music and the Nunns. 

A group of these musicians recently gathered to share stories (their prior commitments conflicted with our scheduled FarmFest date) and clips of this musical gathering will be shown in the Francisco Ag building on the 22nd.

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Seated: Ronnie & Norma Nunn
          Lou Reid and Alcury Nunn
2nd row:Johnny Dearmin, Hersie Millian
           and David George
3rd row: Kizer George and Sandy Bunker


 Rex McGee's roots in traditional music run deep. Born in Winston-Salem, NC and raised on the family farm near Sauratown Mountain, he had early formal training on the piano and fiddle. His father, Rex Sr., accompanied him on piano for weekly performances at the Pollirosa Opry. Grandfather Ralph McGee was a renowned fiddler and contemporary of Round Peak old-time icon Tommy Jarrell. Ralph learned to play from his father Will, a left-handed fiddler who in turn learned from his father on a fiddle made out of a gourd. Rex's grandfather Hamp Easter loaned him his first banjo at age 12 with the condition that he could keep it if he learned how to play it. Rex still has the banjo.

The McGee family is an example of the rich musical history in our area....Please share your stories for our 2018 documentary

Fiddle tune played often in and around Surry and Stokes County here in North Carolina. My PapaGee, Ralph McGee born in 1901 played this almost every time he got the fiddle out of the case.  ...REX  McGee


Ralph Lionel McGee born 1901 fiddles Ragtime Annie at the McGee family reunion in June of 1984. He is joined by his son Rex Sr. on the piano and his skinny grandson Rex Jr. on the 5- string banjo at the age of 14. His brother William plays the tenor banjo, Gray plays fiddle. Friends Marvin James and Marshall ? play bass and guitar.

Gus McGee